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At Mike Moore's Plumbing & Septic, your septic system has to be maintained in order for it to work effectively. If it doesn’t work properly, you'll likely find a waste material backup somewhere within your home or business, around your septic system, or around your drain field. Moist and saturated soil over the tank or the drain field can signal problems that can cost you up to thousands of dollars if not addressed right away.

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How It Works

A septic system processes waste material and waste water from your home. It's an underground system that has a big tank which is buried on your property.

The septic tank was designed to permit the solid material to settle at the bottom while the liquid stays on the top. The liquid is pumped out from the tank into a drain field. The bacteria is filtered out from the liquid by layers of rock and dirt. Eventually, the water that is clean is re-absorbed by the ground.

Septic System Installations

Whether you need to replace your current septic tank or install a new one, our Marietta plumbing professionals can handle the job with ease.

With over 30 years of experience in septic system installations, we specialize in traditional, custom, and alternative designs for complicated sites, such as:

  • Steep sites
  • High groundwater
  • Bad soil –clay, rocky, or sandy soils
  • Limited space

We are happy to work with you, your contractor, or your architect to ensure that your septic system is reliable and up to code.

Septic Tank Repair

It’s safe to say that no septic tank problems resolve themselves. Only a septic system repair service like Mike Moore's Plumbing & Septic is fully prepared and equipped to return your septic system to its prime condition.

It’s critical for your safety and comfort to have a properly functioning septic system in your residential or commercial space. The best way to ensure the efficiency of your system is by having an exceptional plumbing company available. By having our phone number ready at all times, you can ensure that when problems do occur, they can be resolved quickly before the issue becomes worse and more expensive. If you are having trouble elsewhere in your business or residence, we also service many other aspects of plumbing systems, including water heater repair.

We're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency repairs. Our friendly and professional team of plumbers can resolve any septic problem you’re facing.

Contact us at (770) 590-0511 to schedule your septic tank service in Marietta and the surrounding areas!

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